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Here are a few simple pointers I can guarantee are correct for I have been testing, repairing these ignitions systems for 20 years. The motor cycle ignition of which there are over 15 different types but only two different formats, the internal rotor which was purely motocross and the external rotor which had lighting and charging circuits.

Testing the type for the Maico and Husky, black and blue 3. For theand black and blue 7 ohms blue to earth to ohms. The small type black to blue 3. The external rotor type generally called a mini 6 there are three types of this stator mainly fitted to KTM and Husky. The type fitted to the Husky with one yellow lighting lead, black and blue 17 to 20 blue to earth to ohms. KTM with no light leads black and blue 4.

KTM with lighting black and blue 17 to 20 blue to earth to All the early mini 6 type had no ignition curve but the later type fitted to the last of the enduro KTM had about 10 to 12 degrees. The only way to tell these two apart is the early ones had the timing hole right at the edge of the stator the later one with the advance the timing hole is 5 to 6 mm in from the edge.

These are the most common type of Motoplat ignition.

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The larger type of mini 6 which were fitted to Bultaco, Montesa and Ossa some of these ran a diode in series to earth so to get an ohms reading is imposable, you can NOT get a proper ohms reading through a semi conductor, but if there is no diode fitted the readings should be black and blue 15 to 17 blue to earth to Another system widely used is the mini4 which was put on Bultacos again the diode was used but not on all stators. Black to blue 4 ohms if no diode is fitted blue to earth tothis one type I can enhance the performance of.

To test the trigger circuit put your meter on the diode setting test between black and blue then reverse you should get a semi conductor reading in both directions if it reads one way only the stator is bad. Test from blue to earth you should get between and ohms. These test figures are just a few of what Motoplat produced, but I can give many more test figures if required and all so test and repair any motoplat system and HT coils.

This another subject where you find different test figures, basically test between the two spades the reading should be 30 to 33 ohms from the ht lead to the steel bracket 5. There is talk about black and red leaded coils what will run what, when I talked earlier about diodes in circuit this is where it comes in, all the stators that ran diodes were early stators and ran with a red leaded coil, these red leaded coils will only run with a diode in the stator, but the black leaded coil will run either, but I have had red leaded coils run both as well so watch out.

If you need any other readings which are not mentioned or any other problem you my have just send me an e-mail. This is another pair of ignitions that are fairly troublesome the main problem with these stators is the triggers pack in.

The Rev3 there is no way of checking the triggers so if you test between red and brown the resistance of the charge coil should be to ohms. But the Sherco triggers are different,set your test meter on the diode setting put the black test lead to earth with the red lead test between blue brown black you should get a reading something like 0 — Reverse the leads and the reading should be something like your readings might not be the same but should show the same pattern,all different meters have a different internal resistance.

In each case I can repair either. Simple Motoplat Testing. Coil Testing.Laverda Museum Collection de Maurice Chapleur One of the most important veteran collections in the world.

There are 2 basic Motoplat units found on vintage motorcycles, external rotor flywheel and internal rotor. The flywheel type, with lighting coils is the most common.

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It is found on many MX and Enduro bikes. The internal rotor type has no lighting coils and is found mostly on competition MX bikes. There are several variations of the flywheel type. The information below will deal with them. I will list and describe the most common ones: 1.

I believe this is the earliest type commonly found. It has a replaceable diode in the stator. It is identified by a diode symbol an arrow head pointing to the top of a T on the front face and a large notch on the outer circumference containing the diode near the position where the wires come out.

The wires going to the ignition coil have clear insulating covers. Similar in appearance to 1 but no notch, although it still has a diode in the stator. The wire colors and wattage values are slightly different. Similar to 1, however there are some important differences. It has no diode in the stator it is has been relocated to the ignition coilthere is no notch, and no diode symbol on the face of the stator. The easiest way to identify it is by the red insulators on the wires that go to the coil.

There are 2 types of ignition coils for Motoplat, as follows: Black spark plug lead. This type has no diode in the coil. Red spark plug lead. This type has a diode in the coil. The red wire coil can be used with all three types of stators. Section 2: Testing I will describe the testing procedures for the ignition coils first and then the stator testing procedures. It isn't necessary to remove components from the motorcycle, but if on the bike testing indicates a marginal or faulty component it is recommended that the part be removed and retested.

All tests should be carried out with an Ohmmeter with a capacity of 0 to 10, ohms or greater. Testing ignition coil with the Black spark plug cable. Remove both stator leads from the coil, and disconnect the spark plug lead from the plug. Set the Ohmmeter to read values from 0 to 50 ohms. Connect the test leads of the meter to both flat terminals of the ignition coil.

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You should get a reading between 20 and 30 ohms. If the reading is lower 0 or near 0 or higher 50 ohms or more the electronic system is defective. To test the electronic circuit in the coil set the measuring range of the ohmmeter to 1, ohms.

Connect one test lead to ground and the other to the large terminal on the coil. Charging of the condenser in the electronics should cause a brief deflection of the ohmmeter's needle, and then the needle should return to infinity. Reverse the test leads. Again the needle should briefly deflect and return to infinity. Repeat this 3 to 4 times.

If the pointer does not go back to infinity but remains on another measuring value the electronic system is defective.Can test the alternator when it is still mounted on the car or to be used in combination with all conventional test benches. Learn more.

motoplat ignition

The bench top tester is an addition to your current test equipment, that allows you to check and test all alternators that are fitted on the latest cars. The test benches are equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility.

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The Motoplat range also includes parts testers to easily checks for any short circuits on parts as stator windings, rectifiers and armatures. Motoplat has a stock of various parts such as test cables and alternator connectors which can easily replace the old and broken ones. About Motoplat. To be and to remain advanced in technology, we of Motoplat develop all software on the testers ourselves.

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Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Learn More. Stator and Rectifier Tester. Armature Tester. Test Benches. BENCH TOP The bench top tester is an addition to your current test equipment, that allows you to check and test all alternators that are fitted on the latest cars. PARTS Motoplat has a stock of various parts such as test cables and alternator connectors which can easily replace the old and broken ones.

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Convert your trials bike to an electronic ignition with an advance curve. Retains the stock flywheel. UK-made, self-generating CDI ignition with electronic advance, available for a wide range of machines, allowing easy starting and maximum performance.

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motoplat ignition

Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. The simplest, cleanest way to install a brake light switch on any machine. Take advantage of our custom cable-making service!UK motoplat is the only place in world that sell, fixes and repairs bonified motoplats. We are the experts in this field.

We are the only place in the world that can guarantee this equipment. We also repair Motoplat HT coils as the originals are getting hard to find and the pattern replacements are not very reliable. We find it more reliable and cost effective to repair the original coil, both single and twin leaded coils.

We also repair Motoplat ignition modules and igniters as trying to source these new is vertually impossible. As well as repairing the Motoplat system our company also specialise in all aspects of motorcycle electrics, rewinding of generators, ignition stators, starter motors, armatures and field windings. We also have full facilities to run up the ignition system to check for faults and performance.

Most of the ignitions that we rewind we can get further performance which gives better starting and more pull midrange. As long as you have an ignition to repair then we can repair it. We not only repair ignition for Motoplat but we also repair stators for Sherco Beta and Gas Gas plus all the Japanese ignitions are covered as well. Selettra is another ignition that we repair this one is particular troublesome on the Gas Gas Boy Because we have been testing and repairing Motoplat ignitions for many years we feel that we can give free trusting advice to people who my contact us either by phone or e-mail.

If you have a troublesome Sherco 4t year then we can supply a carburettor kit that will cure all the bad starting and will give more smoother power and torque, the kit also comes with an uprated ht coil.

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Free postage. Completed listings.By petoriusJanuary 24, in Bultaco. Okay, so this is not really trials related but I suspect someone on here will be able to offer some advice. I have a Bultaco, Pursang which I have been building and is pretty much all done, however I cannot get a spark from the Motoplat ignition. The ignition is the internal rotor type 63mm rather than the external rotor trials type. I have taken some measurements and referenced them, the coil and stator both seem to throw odd values.

I have tried contacting UK Motoplat both via website and Ebay listing but no reply has been received. I have also tried West Country windings who tell me they cannot repair Motoplat. Does anyone know anyone in the UK that could check and repair the ignition or suggest a good economical replacement? Sorry you have to Name the model and also sent a Picture to which Motoplat you are referring. His side dedicated to motorcycle ignition you find here:.

He also gives out repair manuals on his site to several Motoplat ignitions you can translate them online in English which might also help:.

The Information he provides is free of use. To use his information to gain money or to try to sell them elsewhere is prohibited. I know there are lights fitted on the bike but there is no lighting coil on the ignition but was planning to a separate total loss with LED bulbs as the would hardly be used.

As the flywheel spins it induces ac electrical voltage within the winding. The coating around it is allowing current to leak out. There are several places worldwide that can repair motoplats. A google search can turn them up. This is a common problem with older electronic equipment. And usually is easily and permanently fixed.